A Defensive Driver Course – More Than Your One Safety Is At Stake

The number of mature drivers over the age of 70 is likely to increase three fold in the next two decades in the US as per reports. Though mature drivers are more cautious on road than teens, the accident rates involving older drivers are on the rise. This is mainly due to a host of issues including physical and mental slackness and slow reflexes caused by Ageing. Though the mature drivers have a life time experience of driving, the changing Forklift Training Certificate road conditions and traffic rules and regulations often force them to modify their driving habits. Older drivers are more likely to have fatal accidents. Their behavioral factors like wrong judgment while taking turns or changing lanes or slow response in an emergency situation lane changes could all result in serious crashes..With aging, the driving abilities drop considerably; however this does not mean that anyone above 55 should not be driving on the roads. There are DMV approved online mature driver courses, which are designed to fine hone the driving skills of the aged drivers. They will be learning about the latest road traffic rules and regulations apart from safe driving techniques and safety features of vehicles in these short duration courses which extend up to 6-8 hours. Drivers will learn to make necessary adjustments to reduce risk factors and to include safe driving practices, which will help them to enjoy a safe motoring experience for many more years.

Monitor Your Health: Regular health check-ups will go a long way in keeping you in the best nick. Some of the health check up procedures includes the following.Get an eye test done every year and make sure to use current corrective lenses while driving. The mirrors and headlights of the car should be kept clean and the brightness on the instrument panel on your dashboard should be turned up.Having your hearing checked regularly will also ensure the safety of mature drivers. If you are using hearing aids, make sure to wear these while on the wheel.Medications. Certain medications can slacken reflexes and make the users drowsy. Make sure that the medications are safe to be taken while driving. In case you are feeling that all is not well, desist from driving and seek your physicians aid, who will prescribe an alternate medication. Get adequate sleep: Sufficient sleep will keep you alert and vigilant while driving. If you are unable to get sound sleep at night, seek a doctor’s help. Use the Right Car and Safety Aids:Make sure to choose a vehicle that ensures a hassle free drive. Features like automatic transmission, power steering and power brakes will not only ease your effort but also will keep the car in good shape. Seek the help of a driving rehabilitation specialist, who will suggest equipments that will make steering the vehicle quite easy.